Meaning of "to be over the moon"

Hello teachers :smiley:

I have learnt several expressions which mean we are happy.
Here are they:

To be over the moon.
To be on cloud nine.
To be in seventh heaven.
To float on air.
To walk on air.

Could you please share me some more expressions as above?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jupiter

Here are a few more:

  • on top of the world
  • chipper
  • pleased as punch (also written: pleased as Punch)
  • happy as a clam
  • happy as a flea at a dog show

(There are quite a few possibilities with the “happy as a” format. :wink: But the two I listed are quite well-known in AmE)


Here’s my contribution:

To be full of the joys of spring
To be in a transport of delight/joy
To jump for joy
So happy I could scream/cry

As happy/pleased/glad/merry/gay as:
A box of birds
A pig in slop/mud/a poke
A clam (at high tide)
A clown
A peacock
As a lark
As Larry
As a rat with a gold tooth
As the day is long
As a sandboy
As can be
As kings
As a dog at the beach
As a kid in a candy store
As a bag of wigs
As the cat that got the cream
As a cat in a cream factory
As a bull in a spring paddock
As a breeze
As glad as a fox in his nest/in a henhouse
As glad as a bird in May
As glad as adders
As glad as a newborn kitten
As glad as the shamrocks
As pleased as a kitten with a ball of wool
As pleased as a jay with a bean
As pleased as a kid with a new toy
As pleased as a peach
As pleased as a Cheshire cat
As pleased as a chickadee with a sunflower seed
As pleased as a dog with a bone
As pleased as a sailor on his wedding day
As pleased as a little dog with two tails
As pleased as pie
As pleased as a penny carrot
As pleased as a brass ha’penny
Life is a bowl of cherries!

Hi Amy and Conchita :smiley:

I’m as pleased as the cat that got the cream when I receive your helpful responses.

I wish both of you happy as a peacock.