meaning of the phrase "dance silly secrets"

Hello everyone
I’d like to ask about the meaning of the phrase “dance silly secrets” in the following passage.

He nodded and shrugged. And then his mockman emerged from the stomach: A mature female with big blue eyes riding high on her broad stoic face. Jopale had recently purchased her from a cousin, replacing the mockmen he had lost when the valley flooded. For her species, she was smart and adaptable. By any standard, she was loyal, and in countless domestic tasks, she was helpful. And like every passenger from the worm’s stomach, she smelled of acid and other unpleasant secretions. But at least this creature didn’t want to play word games, or dance silly secrets before his eyes.

You’re obviously reading some science fiction, because I see a lot of words and phrases in there that are, let’s say, “creative”. “Dance silly secrets before his eyes” is not normal English. The author just made up a very descriptive expression that means to taunt him with unimportant secrets.

Yes, Jamie, you are correct, that passage was from a science fiction story. And thank you very much for your explanation.