meaning of "That’s all there is."


Could you reword the sentence “That’s all there is.” to make its exact meaning more clear for me?

The phrase is used just after a description of some model and its components, in the context of its specific technical implementation.

I am now between two supposed - and different! – meanings:

‘What is described above is all that principally exist in the model / the model contains of.’
‘All what is described above, exist in the model.’ (or, maybe, ‘…have been implemented’).

Hi Tamara!

For me It sounds like: “it?s that easy!..i.e there are no other difficulties in using it!”

Just a thought as there is a similar German saying: “Das ist alles! (Mehr nicht/Das ist ja einfach)!”


I agree with Michael. 'That’s all there is (to it) often means ‘it’s as simple as that’, ‘there’s nothing else to it’. I’d say your first interpretation is about right.

Hi Tamara,

Another one for the pot: ‘That’s that and all about it.’


Thanks! :slight_smile:

That’s it.