Meaning of 'Switched to a style', 'Fork for', MBO, LBO, etc

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I know some of you are fluent in English,so plz help, I can’t make sense of these words and sentences and can not find an answer in my vocabulary:

Switched to a style
Fork for
Single unit from a legal point of view
Cost centre
To put a plan into action
An Organization’s different cost and the way

To put a plan into action = to execute a plan, to begin working according to a plan, etc.

“Cost Centre(-er)” is an accounting/business term. A cost center is, basically, a part of a business to which one assigns cost.

Switched = changed

MBO: managment by objective/management by-out
LBO: leveraged buy out[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Construction workers[YSaerTTEW443543]


Single unit from a legal point of view This simply means that something that might look like two or more separate entities is treated or seen by law as one single entity.

Do you have context for ‘Fork for’? Without context, this doesn’t mean anything to me.

An Organization’s different cost and the way --> This is an incomplete sentence and can’t be interpreted without the rest of it.


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Yankee I wrote this sentence when I was in the place ,where I study English,I didn’t understand the meaning and unfortunately now I don’t remember the whole sentence…

here are some more words I couldn’t understand…

Point of order
the agenda point,they have reached… (I can’t understand agenda point in this sentence)
surfing the net
draw up
to put dozens
fuel cell vehicles
51 % in peapod
key strategy
to put a shopping list
circulate the minutes
to catch somebody’s attention
try to get more business from the market
get into the market(does it make any sense? )
takeover the market
point of sale,point of order ( do they make sense? )
selling point
action point

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to lighten Amy’s load:

surfing the net = being online (on the Internet), going from site to site, etc.

dozen = 12 (two dozen is 24, three dozen is 36, etc.)

–> to put dozens = to put multiples of 12 (literally)


to put a fairly large number, between probably 24 and approximately 100 (figuratively)

strategy = the means by which one attains an end; a plan or method, usually geared for success; in business, strategy encompasses (literally) how you plan to operate, market, set up capital structure, etc – all in an effort to increase profit (and in doing so, to meet businesses’ #1 goal: maximizing shareholders’ Return On Investment).

–> Key strategy = an important strategy or an important portion of a strategy

compiled = gathered, archived/ordered, kept, stockpiled, obtained/got

shopping list = a list, used for reference, which a person takes with him to a store, so that he won’t forget what he means to buy at that store. This usually applies to food shopping, birthday-present shopping or Christmas/holiday shopping.

minutes = (as in company board meetings) notes from the meeting; a journal/chronicle of the meeting – what was said, voted on, put forth (tabled) for the next meeting, etc.

circulate = move/pass about

circulate the minutes = distribute the minutes (to be read by those at the meeting, probably)

catch somebody’s attention = make someone else aware of you and/or what you’re doing. If I scream, I will catch somebody’s attention.

try to get more business… = attempt to attract more business; draw more business (sales) to your company; try to acquire (get/obtain) more clients (those who buy your goods or services)

get into the market = enter the market; you are starting a new business and want to start operating/making money, OR you are a current business interested in going into other markets

to take over a market = to dominate the market, to be the strongest company in an industry (cars, cell phones, music, etc.)

selling point = advantage/strength of a certain product, used by salespeople/marketers/advertising to convince prospective customers to buy that product. A selling point of the Ford Mustang, for instance, is that it has a powerful engine.

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here are some more words ,I couldn’t understand

Consumer brand
Crossholding between
Common thread
Virtual workspace
Angels with capitalist faces(I can’t understand the meaning of this expression )
Ripped off
Fuel cell
Match the speakers
Stuff guidelines
To catch somebody’s attention

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Cofounder = one of two or more founders. A founder is one who starts something. In the business sense, a founder is one who starts the business. Therefore, a cofounder (or co-founder) is one of two or more who started a business.

Virtual workspace = “Workspace” is where one works. Virtual workspace, therefore, likely signifies a sort of online (on the Internet) office.

Ripped off = defrauded, cheated. If you sell me a candy bar that is worth only one dollar, and you ask me for five dollars – and I pay you five dollars for the candy bar – I’ve been ripped off (or “cheated”) by you.

To catch somebody’s attention = to gain the attention of someone else. If I scream, it’s likely that I will catch somebody’s attention.

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Hi Che

Some of the things you are posting need context (i.e. the whole sentence) in order to say for sure what the meaning is.

By the way, writing down vocabulary words in sentences is often the most effective way to learn vocabulary.


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ok,next time I’ll try to post the whole sentence… :wink:

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here are 3 exercises,from my homework
I’m very interested how many mistakes did I make
plz look at the anwsers and tell me which of them are wrong

thanks in advance …

a) An Organisation’s different cost and the way they are related to each other…
b) Advantage produced when 2 Organisations combine recources
c) Calculation about,for example,what the size,amount or rate of something will be in the future
d) Something belonging to a business that has value or the power to earn money
e) Combining 2 Companies so that they can work and effectively together
f) The ability to keep increasing ,developing or being more successful…

1.Asset 2.Cost Structure 3.Integration 4.Momentum 5.Projection 6.Synergy…

a-4; b-3 ; c-2; d-1; e-6; f-5


a) Getting control of a company by buying over 50% of it’s shares
b) 2 or more companies joining to form a larger company
c) A business activity in which 2 or more companies have invested together
d) When a company’s top executives buy the company they work for
e) Buying a company using a loan borrowed against the assets of the company that’s being bought
f) An agreement between 2 or more organizations to work together…

1.alliance 2.joint venture 3.LBO(leveraged buy out ) 4.MBO 5.Merger 6.Takeover…

a-3 ; b-5; c-2; d-6;e-4;f-1


  1. A business activity in which 2 or more companies have invested together

a)Alliance b)Acquisition c)Merger d) Joint venture

2.When company’s top executives buy the company they work for

a)Takeover. B) MBO c)LBO d)Integration

3.Something having value or power to earn

a).Facilities b).Assets c).Utilities d).Valuation

4.A business that is a single unit from a legal point of view

a).Synergy b).Integration c)Entity 4.Cost Centre

5.Something must be done according to a law

a).Compatible b).Complement c)Comparable d) Compulsory

6.When prices or the value of stocks and share drop

a).Failure b).Pitfall c)downturn d).loss

7.To put a plan into action

a)Implement b) Install c)Integrate d) Indict

8.An Organisation’s different cost and the way they are related to each other

a) Cost Structure b) Cost Saving c) Cost Efficiency d). Cost Base

1-d ; 2-a; 3-c;
4. can’t understand meaning …
8-can’t understand meaning …

a is 2
b is 6
c is 5
d is 1
e is 3
f is 4

a is 6 (its, not it’s ; it’s = it is)
b is 5
c is 2
d is 4
e is 3 (loan = debt)
f is 1

1 - d
2 - b
3 - b
4 - c
5 - d (Something THAT must be done according…)
6 - c (not important… what’s important is that it sucks, and must be fixed)
7 - a
8 - a (costs… different costs – plural)

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I can’t understand
what a beautifull day
what beautifull day (without a )

such a nice story
such nice story (without a )

in cases with such and with I can’t understand and can’t find the answer im my book and on this forum too,could someone please explain me when I should use a and when I shouldn’t…

I passed my exam
thanks to all of you :wink:

That’s great, Che, congratulations! Now you’ll have one more reason to celebrate the festive season.

Enjoy your success! :slight_smile:


Congratulations. This is after the fact, but:

What a beautiful day


Such a nice story

The modifier “a” is necessary in both phrases.


I just can’t understand
sometimes people use such a … what a … quite a…
and sometimes these words without a
so I can’t understand when I have to use -a and when don’t have to…

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