Meaning of "sart off by"

Hi, at this topic especially to Conchita!

As I didn?t want to make Hercules?introduction an English vocabulary course I ask it here:

What is the meaning of: [color=darkred]May I suggest you sart off by attacking, at your own pace, … :shock: ?

Michael :shock:

Hi Michael

I’m going to stop calling you “Landlubber” and sart calling you “Mr. Eagle-Eye”. :lol: :wink:

If I tell you that “sart” is a typo, can you figure out what it should be?


Hi Amy,

And there was me thinking it was a near approximation of me trying to speak with an American accent for ‘sort of’ !


Hi Alan

My first reaction was in fact “sort of”! But then word “by” sort of killed that idea. :lol:


Hi Amy! Hi Alan!

I?m sarting off having an idea! :lol: “AAAAAAttaaaack the English learning!!!”

Hope my understanding is as well as my “Eagle eyes” are!


I hope you started your attack by adding a “t”… 8)


Hi Amy!

That was what I wanted to share to you! I?ve been kidding a bit only! :slight_smile:

Hope you don?t mind my sometimes vivd tongue! :roll:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Michael, that’s quite an impressive combination of qualities to have!

Not only eagle eyes, but also a vivid tongue. :smiley:

I enjoy your English.