Meaning of "pretending to be a barmy"

Hello everybody…

Can you help me??? I don’t understand what "pretending to be a barmy" means… :roll:

Thank you a lot…

“Barmy” means crazy/mad/stupid.

Hi Carmen,

Please read What is a meaningful message title? and let me know what you think.

Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten!!
Well, I’ve already read your advice… so I think that you have reason, because of the title is very important of anywhere… for example…

If you like to go to the cinema to see a movie… and the title sounds a bit boring :shock: , you’d think that that movie is not really good… :?

That’s my impression, and that’s why the title is important


Hi Carmen,

Thanks a lot for your swift response. I absolutely agree with you – imagine everyone here on the forum would call their forum post ‘grammar’.

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