meaning of "pitch"


Could you tell me if I interpreted the following excerpt right?


You interpretation is quite good, Alex.

I’d only add that the use of the word ‘pitch’ suggests a little more than ‘ask’ to me. It suggests that counsel wants to suggest something and persuade the court to do/allow it.

In a sense, you could say the lawyer wants to “sell a suggestion” to the court.

Hi, Amy

Thanks a million for your quick reply. :slight_smile:
I have a litttle question: is to pitch the court for an order an official or formal expression that you often use in court ?

I wouldn’t classify it as something you’d typically hear in court, but ‘pitching (someone) an idea’ is well-known to me. It’s quite common to hear people talk about a ‘sales pitch’, for example.

Look at definitions 24 and 40 here, and definition 5 here.