Meaning of pandemic

Bird flu is highly likely to become the first pandemic of the 21st century, US Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt said as he toured Southeast Asia in an attempt to prepare for the expected global epidemic:


Firstly: ‘meaning pl.’ means ‘meaning plural’, so if you want to say please then you should write please. Abbreviations are for people who don’t really want to learn. Here in this forum we don’t, under no circumstances, use them.

Secondly: You should start to use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo! to find out the meaning of a word. Often the search facility here on site brings up results too.

Thirdly: The meaning of pandemic: ‘Epidemic over a wide geographical area’.

I wholeheartedly agree with the advice Shyone has given you.

If it’s a simple meaning of a word you’re trying to find, consider using a dictionary to discover the meanings of words.

Then, we’ll be glad to help clarify, but, as Shyone has mentioned, you should do some of the initial work yourself.

Ganesh, your namesake is said to help remove obstacles. You can remove some obstacles yourself by doing this preliminary work. :wink:

Dear Teacher
Anyway thank you for your advice

I always ask the meaning from you because

  1. Sometimes the other reference has many meaning and I have to select one of those some time my guessing might be wrong

  2. If I discuss with you the meaning will be in then mind very quickly

  3. When I ask you the meaning I always check the meaning in the dictionary and the I check with yours that way I can remember the meaning vary well

  4. This is one my study method

Do you agree with me or still you want me to go according to your advice……?


I still want you to look up things for yourself.

Then you can post what you came up with, and if you are not sure about the meaning there is no problem explaining it to you.

But first of all you have to show that you made an effort to try for yourself.

And I want you to start to use a spell checker on a regular basis, otherwise your spelling will not improve.

What can I tell you I am mexican,

I am living what Epidemic means… :frowning:

An epidemic is an outbreak of something you would be better avoiding.