Meaning of "out there"


I have some questions after reading a novel.

  1. In the novel, two high-teens go to a homecoming dance. While they are having a break the girl said like this:

… Meanwhile Jamie was fanning herself with hand. “Well, we were just sitting down to take a breather from all that dancing. It sure gets hot out there. Would you like to join us?..”

I’m not sure what exactly “out there” means. Maybe on the stage where students dance? Or the weather itself? In the novel, the speakers are indoors and it seems like the season is spring to early summer (so it could be getting hotter). Because of “out”, it’s confusing to me.

  1. Also I found something interesting phrase:

“Thanks,” I said mumbled sheepishly, realizing that Jamie was the one who’d saved me from grave bodily harm.

Should “mumbled” be “mumbling”? What do you think?

Thank you in advance,


The phrase ‘out there’ can mean pretty much anywhere except ‘here’. It doesn’t necessarily mean ‘outside’.

This looks like a typo. Either the author wanted to say ‘I said…’ or ‘I mumbled…’. You can’t used both verbs in combination.

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