What is a ‘memorial service’?

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“Memorial service”: a religious ceremony in memory of a dead person or people.

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So, is it that ceremony that
is celebrated one month, year…
after the funeral?


That depends on the religion and custom.
It is a very broad term.
It would include the funeral service, or an anniversary, a month, a year later,
. . . or a commemoration for soldiers killed in a battle decades ago.

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There a lot of memorial services being held in memory of the 9/11 victims at the moment…

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Now I catch the term on!

You mean “Now I understand”.

To “catch on” cannot be applied to understanding a word.
It means: “understand what is going on”, or “understand why things are happening in a certain way”, or “how serious the situation is”.
It is normally used without saying exactly what has to be understood.

One might say to someone “Catch on!” or “Catch yourself on” meaning “Realize what is happening here”, or “Be responsible!”

I’m not sure if “Catch yourself on” is used outside Ireland.

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“Now I get it !”
Is that what you meant ?


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Yes, That?s what I meant!

Now I got it! :smiley:

But, can that phrasal verb be used with “concepts”?

Why with concepts and not with words?

I red this example this week.

“He didn?t catch on to new concepts easily”

Or is “catch on to” a phrasal verb?
I was looking it up in different dictionaries
and I didn?t find it. So I supposed the
phrasal verb was “catch on”.

Thanks indeed!