Meaning of "lean on the side of someone"


Just ran across this sentence:

I’m inclined to lean a little on the side of protecting the health of those who are in danger of infection over a right that is not a matter of life and death

What is the meaning of “lean on the side of”? Does it simply mean “to prefer/choose”?

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If you lean to one side or another, you are correct to say that you choose or prefer that particular side. However, you are not totally convinced by the arguments for that side (which is why you are described as leaning in that direction, rather than moving decisively to that side of the argument.)

Imagine the physical equivalent: You stand on a spot between two points of view,
You may be pulled one way or another (through persuasion).
You may lean towards one more than the other (through choice having listened to the arguments)… but there is still that part of you which isn’t completely sure, so you haven’t completely left the middle ground.
You may put yourself firmly on one side (again, through choice). Now you are totally convinced an you leave the middle ground to side with one party.

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