meaning of "heterogeneous variety"

Hi, please have a look at this sentence:

This is a heterogeneous variety of people
=> Do you think it’s a good sentence? I mean: the word “heterogeneous” itself already imply the idea of "heterogeneous, doesn’t it?

Many thanks

I don’t think it’s a good sentence. Furthermore, it’s grammatically wrong and unnatural.

Why? :o:O

Any ideas, please?

Hi Nessie,

Yes, looks like nonsense. Where did you get it from?

Out of context, that sentence does sound odd. However, I suppose the broader context might justify (and also explain) the use of ‘heterogeneous variety of people’. The author might have intended the meaning to be ‘wide variety of people’ or ‘very mixed type of people (i.e. nationality)’.

You’re right, Nessie! ‘Heterogeneous’ usually does imply ‘heterogeneous’ quite clearly. :wink: :lol: