Meaning of 'He was taken off his round'


He was taken off his round.

Am I right supposing that round here means duties (job)?

Hi Tamara

Do you happen to know what sort of job “he” has?


Hi Tamara,

‘Round’ can often be used for the sort of work done by someone delivering something along a certain route as in a postman’s/a milkman’s/a newspaperboy’s round.


Some kind of a regular (deliverance) route, yes.

Hmm… how interesting… I made the assumption only because in Russian we use the fixed expression
a round of duties quite often (and not only for job duties).

OK. I’ve got the round -point.

…Can I also suppose (from the above phrase with taken off, purely) that “he” was not given the sack, but just demoted or removed from his duties (temporarily?) and allocated to some other responsibilities/tasks (more likely for lower salary).
Or it’s not enough?