meaning of "going on seven"


If I want to say that someone soon will turn seven (years old), can I use this expression:

Many thanks !

Hi Alex

You can say “He’s going on seven” to mean that he will be seven years old on his next birthday.

“Getting on” is not used the same way. You could say that someone is getting on in years to mean that someone is getting old. However, seven years old would be far too young an age for this expression – unless you intended the usage as a joke, that is. :lol:


Even one month after his last birthday?

He’s getting on [color=blue]for seven.

That’s OK.

Hi, Amy

I see, thanks a lot !
(By the way, that is a very useful phrase to remember, because we don’t use that structure in Russian at all, we would just say “He will be seven”)

All three can be used in English, but “getting on for” and “going on” have the feeling of movement behind them. They also have a feeling of reaching/nearing a point. That’s why I don’t agree with the incompleteness of Amy’s statement above, repeated here: