meaning of "frames of thought" and "framework"

Hello everyone

I’d like to ask about the meaning of “frames of thought” and “framework” in the following context:

For scientist David Bohm (1917–94), the world of matter and the experience of consciousness were simply two aspects of a more fundamental process he called “the implicate order.”

According to Bohm, both the theories of relativity and quantum theory,
if carried to extremes, violate every present-day notion on which
our idea of reality is based.

But the wider perspective suggested by these frames of thought,
which might provide a framework on what the orbs and their native
realms may be, does not come easy to us, not least because of the
inadequacy of the traditional labels we have customarily used, such as
“the dead” or “spirits.”

In my opinion, “frames of thought” means something like views or ways of thinking and “framework” means basic knowledge/ideas but I’m not sure.

I think you’ve got it right.

Thank you very much, diverhank.