I’d like to know the meaning of “DRESS ME UP IN STITCHES”. It’s a song and i don’t understand what it means :?

can u help me please???

“DRESS ME UP IN STITCHES it’s now or never
Tired of wearing black and blue
DRESS ME UP IN STITCHES it’s now or never
Dying to get my blood on you
Blood on you”

Thank u :wink:

Hi aline

Song lyrics are often difficult to understand — even for native speakers. The meaning is often not literal, but rather figurative and/or full of double meaning.

Here is what I understand:

stitches: when you have a bad cut and a doctor has to sew it shut, he stitches it. You have stitches. Of course, clothing also has “stitches”.

dress me up: There is a play on words here:
“dress (a wound)” and “dress up (in fancy clothes)”

black and blue: this is how bruises are described

The literal meaning of the song is extremely violent and/or masochistic. It seems to mean that the singer wants to be badly injured (beaten and cut) by someone. :shock:

Figuratively, it might mean that the singer wants someone to love them, no matter how much it might hurt.

I must admit, lyrics like these are not exactly my cup of tea. :?