Meaning of "dirtied its hands".

…novels about the real world, the world of cities, of slums, of squalor, of tragedy, of meanness and, especially, the contemporary world of work, commerce, business, unemployment, and politics. As opposed to polite or genteel fiction which never “dirtied its hands”. I cannot work out the meaning of “dirtied its hands” being used in the above. Thanks

It’s an idiom.

It indicates that someone gets involved with the deeper aspects of a task and not just with a nice finish. … dirty.html

so now,Beeesneees according to your interpretation can i say:The government policies she proclaimed dirtied its hands?. Indicating that she did some of its policies but wasnt able to bring it to good finish or completion?. please comfirm. Thanks

No, that doesn’t make sense. Even if it were correct, it would not indicate that she was unable to complete something. I don’t think ‘proclaimed’ is the right word there either.

You seem to be wanting to say:
The government policies which she worked on were incomplete.

To get your hands dirty indicates that you become involved with something difficult or dangerous - and often even something corrupt which you would rather not do.
The boss asked me to tell the workers that they were sacked. He doesn’t want to get his hands dirty by telling them himself.
She didn’t want to dirty her hands on the hard work, she just wanted the title that came with the post.
Are you prepared toi get your hands dirty by getting involved with the manual labour on the shop floor or is your plan to sit behind a desk all day?