Meaning of "cover"?

[size=150]Could you please help with the meaning of the verb “cover” in the following sentence:

You will receive a regular ‘proactive scan’ of your Proactive Care [color=red]covered infrastructure, which can help you to identify and resolve configuration, availability, and security problems before they impact your operations.[/size]

Your infrastructure is covered by Proactive Care (I assume this is the name of a company), and this company will give you scans of your infrastructure on a regular basis.

Thanks very much for your quick response! “Proactive Care” is a service from HP, a computer company.
Would you please give me some synoyms of “cover”?

Again, thank you!

I’d say in this context “to cover” is close in meaning to “to protect something, to insure something (against something bad that can happen to it)”.
In other words, they are responsible for ensuring that your infrastructure is in good shape.

Thanks for your explaination