meaning of "Canned applause"


There’s a fragment of a song that says: " I like canned aplause". I looked up the word canned and it means stereotyped. I deduce that is something like the audience is not satisfied but it’s pretending that they are.
Or is it an idiom?


Hi Ralahpik

I imagine that “canned applause” is “prerecorded applause”. This might be added to the sound track of something recorded in a studio so that it sounds like it was recorded in front of a live audience (rather than in a studio). And, yes, it would be done in order to suggest that there was an enthusiastic audience listening.

I’d say that “canned laughter” is probably a more commonly used expression. This is the prerecorded laughter that you often hear in sit-coms.


Gracias Yankee!


In the song you’re referring to, he says “candy floss” - not “canned applause”.


Spot on :slight_smile: I mean there is quite a difference between candy floss and canned laughter. By the way, I do you know which song the Ralaphik is referring to?


If you are at all interested in the history of “canned applause” or the “laff box” as it is also known, this podcast is very entertaining and informative:


Well I just looked up the lyrics again and apparently it is canned applause smh. I swear to f-ing God I looked it up years ago and it said it was candy floss (because I originally thought canned applause and had to retrain my brain to think candy floss whenever I’m singing along).

Doesn’t Remind Me



I’m still trying to find the connection between canned applause and candy floss :sweat_smile:.