Meaning of 'but not limited to'


Before I knew only two patterns of ‘right use’ but not limited to:

  1. include, but not <be> limited to, ….

For example :slight_smile: : "Examples of <smth.> include, but are not limited to, the following: … "

2. including, but not limited to, ….

Right now I’m reading the phrase:

“Anomalies may be found during, but not limited to, the review, test, analysis, compilation, or use of software products or applicable documentation.”

I am sure it is the correct use, as this is one of the international (IEEE) professional standards (of the American origin :). )

But from here I see that but not limited to can be used much more easy and free – even in the formal texts.

Could you give a couple of examples of using but not (be) limited to (without include/including :)) to make me a bit more fluent with the phrase?

Hi Tamara

Whatever makes you think that natives speakers automatically write well? :lol:

It’s not unusual to see “but not limited to” in formal writing.
For me that would be a very typical phrase in a contract.
That’s not “free and easy” usage; it’s standard.

That phrase is probably preceded mainly by, but not limited to, the word including (or some form of include). :smiley:

Regarding examples, why not just google? … tnG=Search … tnG=Search … tnG=Search
BNC: … limited+to


Hi Amy

Thank you for your help, but, as you can see from the first and last links, examples are mostly for

incude, but …
including, but

during, but….

I asked for some another examples of using the pattern.

Thanks a lot for your example.


P.S. Do you actually believe that I ask questions here before I myself had a look in Google, dictionaries, BNC, … ?

No, actually not. But since but not limited to and including are basically “joined at the hip”,
it’s not too easy to come up with examples excluding including. :lol: