meaning of 'back and forth'

What is the meaning of ‘back and fourth’?? I really want to know how to use this phrase.

back and fourth : moving first in one direction and then in the opposite one

you travel Spain back and fourth = you go to Spain, then you leave. After that, you go to Spain again and leave…

Thank you very much for your answer!! :smiley: I got it clearer!!

It’s back and forth.

back and fore
to and fro

back and fore?


And it is most certainly back and forth, not fourth, nor third or fifth

“Back and fore” is new to me, too. Wasn’t that “fore and aft”?

‘Fore and aft’ is another one.

‘Back and fore’ is not the standard traditional pairing, but it is in common use so I thought the user ought to know about the possibility of seeing it.

I see. Thank you!

Thanks for each and every answer!! it helps me a lot^^

I’m curious to know where it is commonly used. In Canada, I have never heard “back and fore”.

And in case I wasn’t the only one thinking of this early 90s song during this whole conversation, here’s the link:


I live in Britain. I don’t know how widespread it is, but I’ve heard it in common use all my life in this area.

Makes sense, I figured it was from Britain.

Well this was a nice back and forth conversation, I certainly learned something.