meaning of a sentence

Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask some things about the grammatical structure of a sentence – it is that I’m not sure I understand it correctly.

Nothing is dead in the Universe. All is consciousness creating, forming, [color=blue]being … transforming and beginning again and again.

Does the highlighted sentence mean the same as:

All is consciousness that creates, forms, [color=blue]exists… transforms and begins again and again.

I think your changes hold up on the first side of the ellipsis, but since I cannot see what precedes the second part, I have no idea whether the gerunds or participles can be conjugated for tense and person. I assume they are participles used to form progressive tenses since you did that, but I don’t know.

Thank you very much, Mordant.

As for what precedes the second part, it’s that I quoted the sentence as written by the author, i.e. without omitting anything.

Here is the broader context (it’s a dialogue):

– However, we ask you always to remember that intelligence exists throughout the Cosmos—it is the design, the mathematical perfection of all things. It is the cosmometry of every particle of dust; every atom; every element; the substance and the wave. If you take the leap from your understanding of life as being “biological” in nature, to an expanded awareness of consciousness in nonbiological forms, you will understand the infinite splendor of life in the Cosmos of Soul. Then, yes—you will understand more succinctly what we intend when we state that life does exist in the stellar body of Sothis.

– I want to be sure I really understand your meaning here. Are you inferring that there is an unknown life form in these realms?

– We are speaking not of an unknown form of life but of one that may not conform to your earthly definitions of what would constitute a “living being.”
Life (as we intend units of conscious subatomic particles, intent upon creating form when the proper coordinates and alignments are reached) fills the body of Sothis, the Sirian deity that shines brightest in your canopy of stars … at the ultraviolet frequency.
Nothing is dead in the Universe. All is consciousness creating, forming, being … transforming and beginning again and again.

I think it’s a shortened relative clause but really don’t get the ideas because there’s no object for those present participles.