meaning of a phrase "he has to have it up me open..."


Could you help me understand this phrase:

Thanks !

Hi Alex

Where in the world did you find that? :lol:

I’d interpret ‘sorted’ to mean ‘sordid’.

As for the part in bold face type, I can only guess from the context that the speaker is referring to a man’s insistence on having sexual intercourse with ‘me’ in a not-so-private location (in the open). :?

I just saw your added context. It doesn’t change my interpretation too much except for the fact that ‘open’ could mean ‘in a room without shades or curtains drawn on the windows’ (thus potentially making that room a not-so-private place).

Hi, Amy

Thank you !

Yes, “sordid” is more like it. (It fits more what I can hear in the dialog)

And I took the dialog from Alf :lol: (I have all the four seasons and I’m in the middle of watching the third season right now) :slight_smile:

By the way, do you happen to know what “gassed” might mean in the following line:
Missis Birds and I had a slight altercation, that hussy was getting [color=red]gassed up for my husband

(only it sounded a bit like gassied to me)

Thank you again.

Hi Alex

I presume that what you heard was actually ‘gussied up’. The hussy was trying to make herself look attractive and appealing to the other woman’s husband.

Ahh, yeah, now I remember that that “hussy” was in the beauty parlour where Rockel went to see her to talk! Everything clicks into place.
You really gave me a paddle (because I had been up a creek :lol: ). Thanks !