Me and Dada vs Dada and I, et cetera, et cetera


Please take a look at this paragraph.

  1. Me and Dada VS Dada and I=> Which is better or more common?
  2. Me and Dada is discussing VS Me and Dada are discussing…=> Which is more common?
  3. So, until when will you be here? => This sounds weird to me but I cannot figure out what it is that isn’t quite right.
  4. Hear from you?=> Would natives say this?

Many thanks!

Dada and I are discussing…
How long will be you be here? What’s the last day you’ll be here? So… you’ll be here until when? (quite casual, but so is this message)
Hope to hear from you!

EDIT: I wrote “How long will be you be here?” I got distracted. I should have written “How long will you be here.” The first “be” was an error!

This is new to me. Can you give other examples that have similar construction?

Thanks Barb_D

P/S: I can’t help but ask this, is your pseudonym read Barbie D? Because I think of barbiedoll everytime I see your ID. :smiley: I hope I don’t offend you in any way. Just so you know I think barbiedoll is very pretty :wink:

hm other examples could go along the line of:

How long are you going to be around for?
How long are you going to hang around for?
How long do you intend to stay?

OR maybe on a simpler note:

When are you leaving?
When are you planning to leave?

Thanks, Ben.

But I didn’t understand “will be you be” there. The two "be"s are confusing to me.

yes sorry at first glance I missed that…lazy reader :slight_smile:

no i’m sure that is a typo or mistake

I think it should be “how long will you be here?”
(i.e. get rid of the first “be”)

sorry for being so slow today!

Oh, okay. I hope it is a typo.

Slow? I’m out of breath catching up with you guys!

I am nearly 99% sure it is. only Barb knows for sure.

ah my fingers are quick today…it is my mind that is slow :wink: (but only today! usually its quick too)

Okay I need to be off now(?_?).

Speaking of the devil, she just SMSed me to go down. We are going to a dinner, so tataa…for now. I’d be back in a a couple of hours.

Thanks Ben, as always.

P/S: I’m going to tell her about “go off”. It has been haunting me for so long. I just remembered to ask when she did it again today. :smiley:

Yes, an error - I’m so sorry. I got distracted while I was typing that and it showed. Please disregard the first “be.”
I hate being called Barbie.

Oh, okay. Thanks for the conformation.