Hello. I have 2 MCAT prep books for sale in Singapore. I bought them recently and was using them to tackle the MCAT proper for the second time, but did not retake the MCAT.

The two books are:

1. The Princeton Review: MCAT 2nd Edition (Used)

Condition: Exterior of the book slightly worn from moving it around, but the interior is good as new - it is really underused - no markings, or highlighting. The 4 full-length online practice tests that come with the book are also unused.
Review: Would recommend to those with science background as the book is written in a textbook style. Very comprehensive content that includes all that you need to know (maybe even more) to ace the MCAT. It has 4 full-length online practice tests as well.

2. ExamKrackers MCAT Complete Study Package 10th Edition (inclusive of 6 separate books covering all topics covered in the MCAT)

Condition: 4/6 books are brand new - never touched/flipped, other 2/6 books flipped through 3 times each (no markings or highlighting, never got to the last page of these two books where the practice exams and mock tests are, to be honest)…
Review: Concise explanations that help you easily grasp all the necessary concepts and conquer the MCAT. Honestly, I actually enjoyed reading through those 2 books that I touched. These books make studying for MCAT so much easier and (somewhat) fun! Would recommend for those without or poor science background. It includes practice tests and mock exams as well for each topic covered.

Kindly contact me for more details if you’re interested to grab them.

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