Maybe you can change your life after read it


Sometimes, you heard a voice in your mind, but you totally agree with that voice. You agree with everything it say. You agree and act like it’s real. You don’t know what’s going on on your mind. You’re continue do that like your mind controlled you. But let me tell you, that voice is not you, is another space of the painess inside your heart. All your memories, all your pains, all your fear has mixed and turned into that voice. You don’t know it because you were agreed with it. But it’s slow controlled your mind everyday, and one day, you will agree with everything. Can you answer the question: Who you are ? Who you really are? You’re not your. You’re not what you see. You’re the free space. You’re the universe. You have been controlled by that voice - by the inside pain in your. But. You have ability to avoid it, just by breath slowly, forcus on this moment, and you’ll feel better. Just remember: You and that voice it’s not similar. Lie down in your bed and forcus in your breath. Do you born to hurted by others ?