May you correct the following sentences, please?

Hello, How are you?

I?ve been practising my English for fear that
I should lose fluency, vocabulary… :lol:
Would you mind correcting the following sentences
I?ve been writing this morning?

1.- I didn?t take the exams lest I should fail them.

2.- I didn?t repair the roof in case the strong wind
ripped it off once again.

3.- I always put some extra sugar in the coffee so that
it will taste sweeter/more sugary.

4.- Do you feel like a cup of tea?

5.- I didn?t say a single word so that nobody would
critize me.
6.- He wrote his last story under a pseudonym so that
his friends wouldn?t know who had written it.

7.- As you don?t remember how that happened,
tell me at least where it happened.
8.- My mobile phone rang while/when I was having a
bath. Could I use ‘as’ in this sentence as well?
9.- When I shut the door, a cat jump on my head.

10.- However hard you study, you will never pass
the test. Didn?t you know the candidates are
selected beforehand?

Thank you very much indeed!



They all seem fine - just one correction:

5.- I didn?t say a single word so that nobody would CRITICIZE

As in 8 is all right, too.


Hi, Alan!

Thanks a lot!

I am really improving my English, I am afraid! :lol:

When will I get to speak and write
as a native speaker? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Jesus, why do you want to be able to write and speak like a native speaker of English? What kind of native speaker are referring to? A college student, a professor of English, a marketing executive or a car mechanic?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Play time[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hello, Torsten

Just out of curiosity, may I ask if you are a native speaker of English?


Hello, Torsten!

How are you?

Well, I was just joking. :smiley: ‘Really?’. Nope. :lol:
I would like to speak like a native speaker since
I really love languages. And I think nobody
speaks and knows better a mother tongue than
a native
speaker. Needless to say, he/she must be interested
in his/her own language, of course.
As for the ‘examples’ :smiley: you gave me, Torsten,
I think I would go for ‘professor of English’, but,
honestly, as far I am concerned it doesn?t matter
what people do for a living in this case. I mean,
he/she can work as a mechanic and speak
English brilliantly, so… you know, I would like
to speak like him/her. As I said before, it?s
just a question of being interested in your
mother tongue or not. And a mechanic
can be, can?t he?

Have a nice week!


P.D I also think that someone who has been brought
in an English speaking country at an early age
( And I am not talking about one, two years old.
It could be five, six…)
can speak
English and write it perfectly as well. So, that
would be fine too.