May someone make it easy for me and go inside to help me

I found these sentences and I need the meaning
1- “We Must Have Been Drunk”
2- “I would have been carried off the pitch.”
3- “I have been scared of him too”
4- “Liam must have been feeling a little dark when he signed for this one”
5- “We would have been playing tennis if it hadn’t rained.”
6- “would have played football when it was sunny.”
7- “He can’t have seen us.”
8- “They can hardly have thought that I was not interested in the job.”
9- “I could have been earning a lot as an accountant but the work was just too boring”
10- “They could have been the market leaders now if they had taken his advice”
11- “She could have taken the earlier train.”
12- " What could have been done more?"

Read this for a summary … v195.shtml