May I ask for the meanings of these sentences please?


The following are the two sentences I’ve extracted from a discussion strategies book.

  1. We agreed to differ.

  2. We put that on one side for the time being.

They’re from the “reporting back” section (kind of set phrases you use when reporting your group discussion results to the lecturer).

Could you please tell me what they mean?

Thank you very much for your assistance (:

Welcome aboard Bangkeaw!

agree to differ
If two people agree to differ, they accept that they have different opinions about something and stop trying to persuade each other that they are right.

put/leave sth on/to one side
to stop talking about a particular subject:
Can we leave the issue of pay on one side for the moment?

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)

Thank you very much Conchita! Your answer helps me a lot (: