may be reduced

These investment costs may be reduced by an estimated 50-80 percent through the use of learning content that is accessible, interoperable, durable and reusable.

What is tense of “may be reduced”?


active or passive?

Hi MJ_Developer, its clearly a passive one to my mind. What do you think Mordant?

oops! r u Iranian Spiffyguy?

yea, i am, whats up?

It’s definitely passive.

Can you say structure of the Present tense and I want to know is there any difference between Present and Present Simple?
Generally can you give me a reference that show all tenses?

dear lovely MJ each simple grammer book contains what you need just try to buy one and read it its not important which one you buy because english grammers are the same! and their differences are in their degree in being more complete, and about your first question, both are the same; simple present structure is the same structure you use to say for your daily affairs and in run jobs and also for true facts.

Thank you Spiffyguy.