Many places of natural beauty are getting littered with garbage

Nowadays many places of natural beauty such as beaches, lakes, and mountains are getting littered with plastic bags, cans, bottles and other garbage. Why do you think this is happening? What can be done in order to prevent it? Give your opinion including reasons and examples from your own experience.

Technological improvement has changed our life styles and nowadays lots of products which we buy have been packed. Garbage of these products has made natural places unpleasant to enjoy. I think two important and essential agents can help us to save the nature: Education of people and governmental surveillances.
To begin, I think governments should have educational programs about this issue. In order to educate people how to keep natural environments clean, governments must start teaching them from school. It will have great effect because we usually treat in our lives in a way that we learn from schools. For example, if I remember that we had some sentences in our primary school books such as “Our city is like our home. Try to keep it claen”.

Furthermore, I believe that just educating people is not enough in this issue and government should regard a financial fine for those who strew rubbish in city or in environment. Although I accept that it is difficult to control all people, financial fines could prevent more people. For instance, in some developed countries littering rubbish on streets of cities or nature will have a financial penalty. Enacting rules like this will a key role because some people like to do some thing wrong if they know that is not illegal.

To sum up, I believe that culture of a nation and governmental controls are important factors in this issue and both of them can be improved. But these educations and rules should be based on academic researches of human character traits.

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Hi Mahdi, I thought your essay was not too bad. You have a good structure and arguments, but your examples are a little too brief without much detail. You also have quite a few errors in grammar and usage in this one.