Many people have learned a foreign language in their own country, others have lea

Many people have learned a foreign language in their own country, others have learned a foreigh language in the country in which it is spoken. Which is better? Give the advantages of each and support your viewpoint.

Nowadays, learning foreign languages is very important. Some people prefer to learn languages in their home country, but others prefer to learn abroad as a better option. Each way of learning has its own advantages and disadvantages. Learning a foreign language in one’s own country provides an opportunity to interact with people who know your native language and understand you. The most important thing is that you can have your teachers who will explain words or phrases and idioms in your mother tongue, which is especially important at the early stage of learning a foreign language because it is a relatively long process to realize the meaning of the idiom in the foreign environment but it can be learned easily if a good teacher explains and provides with examples. You can also improve your skills by participating in English learning programs. Communicating with some friends or groups is a good way to practice your English language.

Another advantage of a learning language in your own country is the possibility to learn the basic literature language or structure without slang. However, learning a foreign language in the country where it is spoken, you will hear much slang and it’s not so good for a beginner, because he needs to gain knowledge of basic grammar and develop correct speech and and this is important especially if you are going to study in a foreign university. Listening to the exact pronunciation of words will help correct you and will improve your listening and speaking ability eventually.

When learning a foreign language, I think practicing continously is the most important factor and living in the country in which it is spoken will give you more opportunities to practice your english a lot.

Considering the pros and cons, I prefer to learn a language at home so I can be able to learn proper language in an early stage and can communicate to people whenever I visit foreign countries. I think this is the better way of learning a foreign language.

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hi kiks.I really love your text it help me a lot.tank you

Hi Khart555, thanks for your appreciation. I know you can make it too as practice makes perfect ^_^.