Many people drink wine, but many...

Many people drink wine, but many wine consumers know little about wine appreciation or wine and food pairing because they are intimidated or put off by the pretensions often associated with wine.[b]

Could you please shed some light on the underlined part?



Hi Tom,

You asked about:

People don’t go in for drinking wine because they feel slightly scared or made to feel uncomfortable because there are people who like to show off (they are pretentious) and they talk about wine in detail in terms of year,vintage, flavour, bouquet (scent) of the wine and so on.


One more question:

Does wine appreciation mean ability to appreciate something? Please see below:

1- He knows nothing about talent appreciation.
2- She knows everything about burger appreciation.


Are you talking about hamburgers, Tom? :lol:

Yes, Amy.

So do we agree about my queries? Could we use appreciation like this?



Well there might be some people who would (such as the founders of McDonalds and Burger King ;)), but I’d say most people wouldn’t.
“Art appreciation” would be a typical collocation.