Many parts of the world are losing important natural resoures

Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources, such as forests, animals or clean water. Choose one resource that is disappearing and explain why it needs to be saved.

Our science and technology are so powerful beyond anything that imagined by confident founders of modern world. But our sense to save our habitat and depth of understanding that everything in motion and we may lose our invaluable natural resources such as forests, animals or clean water have not kept pace with our merely technological abilities. But, if I have to choose a one resource to be saved, I would definitely choose a water.

Have we ever thought about clean water? Have we ever tried to use it efficiently? In our fast pace of modern world I guess – no, we haven’t. We take it for granted everyday assuming that it would be there infinitely. We take shower, clean teeth, run agriculture, drink, cook with this precious natural resource.

Do you know that ninety seven percent of world’s water is undrinkable? We have only three percent of drinkable water in our planet Earth. In addition, two thirds of three percent is frozen on northern and southern polar glaciers and icecaps. Due to human contribution to the world as climate change, enormous amount of carbon dioxide in the air, heat waves of the Sun whole water which contains in glaciers and icecaps is melting and dissolving into undrinkable ocean. How much this reduce that percentage of drinkable water? Nearly 1.2 billions of people have water crisis already, mostly in developing countries. And we know that dehydration – the lack of water is more fatal than starvation – the lack of food. In addition, we have in our body fifty trillion cells. They are basic unit of life. They all need water to survive.

Desalination is a process which makes undrinkable ocean water drinkable. But in order to produce this we need enormous energy potential as nuclear reactors. Not every country has it. So how they will survive without water? Not every country is wealthy and developed , so what must do undeveloped and poor countries in order to survive in the not so distant future?

As outlined above, water is the meaning of life. We can’t survive without it and in order to survive we have to use it properly and efficiently.

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