Manufactured in Bangladesh

Manufactured in/at Bangladesh.
Which one is correct?


what is the wrong with the at?

We don’t use ‘at’ with geographical areas.

Manufactured at the Eezyclothing company.
Manufactured in Dhaka.

Manufactured at Dhaka in Bangladesh.

what about this sentence?

That doesn’t work for me.
Dhaka is a geographical area.

Then does this work?
Manufactured in Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Ho Duet062010,

Both ‘at’ and ‘in’ are used when we are talking about location but ‘in’ is used when we are talking about names of places or geographical regions because ‘in’ is more precise than ‘at’. ‘At’ is used for a more general location. which can also be a geographical point as for example: at the top of the mountain, at Orly airport in Paris.


In the U.S. “at” is also used for addresses - “at 145 High Street, Dhaka, Bangladesh”, but “in” is used for cities, states, and countries.

You wrote “in” is more precise than “at”.It means in the following sentence-
“This pen manufactured at Dhaka in Bangladesh.”
Bangladesh is more more precise. But my question is If I want to mean Dhaka as a more precise then the sentence is—
“This pen manufactured in Dhaka at Bangladesh.”
Is this a correct sentence?
[N.B. Dhaka(city of Bangladesh) Bangladesh(country)]


Why no? Do you disagree with Alan?

No, I disagree that this is correct:
“This pen manufactured in Dhaka at Bangladesh.”

Hi Duet, which part of the following extract of Alan’s explanation did you not understand?

but ‘in’ is used when we are talking about names of places or geographical regions

Since both Dhaka and Bangladesh clearly are geographical regions it’s obvious that you can’t say ‘at Bangladesh’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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it means if I want to express one geographical place then I have to use ‘in’. and If two geographical then both I have to use ‘at’ and ‘in’. correct?

No, you use ‘in’.

Both words 'in" and ‘at’ are correct, But mostly ‘in’ is used to represent a place or geographical regions. Many products are manufactured in Bangladesh and they also import the goods from many states and exports the manufactured goods in Bangladesh to other states.

It may come round a few for a while-----

Generally in geographical location we use small,middle and large area --at, on, and in respectively.

Like, we live in the United states in North Carolina in Jacksonville on the east coast on new River at 2600 River road.

I think no book has cited this usage explicitly than Barron’s TOEFL suggestion book.

When I lived at flat A/5 on the Charles street, he was my neighbor. etc.