Manners - Singular or Plural?

Hi everyone,

  1. Is ‘manners’ this word counted as singular or plural? I am quite confuse with it.

  2. I once came across this word ‘nuances’, that mean ‘A subtle difference’. But how do you actually put that word into a sentence? Any examples? I don’t quite understand the usage of the word.

If there is any grammar mistakes in my post please correct me, thank you. I appreciate it.

1- ‘Manners’ is plural: ‘Manners are important.’
2- Please google the word and you will find many examples. If you like, you can post some here for us to review.

Thank you for your explanation. Yes I’d like to ask regarding the word ‘nuances’.

I found one sentence which had been submitted by one of our forum members. I’d like to know usage of it.

Different in nuance? Can it be used that way, and what does it actually mean by?

It is fine. It means ‘what is the subtle difference?’