Man in a hurry.

My every instinct warned me not to venture down the dark alleyway, but I was in a hurry to get back to my hotel, and then out of this damned country, so I paid no heed to my inner voice.

Halfway down the alley they surfaced from the shadows. There were three of them.

As usual the gang mentality reared its ugly head,they always felt much safer in numbers.

“Give us your wallet and we won’t hurt you,” said the leader.
“And that briefcase too,” piped up the second of the trio.

“Look lads, I’m in a hurry. I’ll give you twenty quid and be on my way,OK,?” I replied in my calmest voice.

“No way,” replied the leader. “Give us your wallet and your briefcase.”

As he was talking I drew the silenced Lüger from my overcoat pocket and pointed it at them.

“Look, I told you I’m in a hurry, take the twenty quid and I’ll be on my way”

They all started to laugh.

“That isn’t a real gun,” chortled the pip-squeak,
“It’s one of them James Bond guns from Toys 'R Us”.

I hadn’t time to argue or humour them.

I calmly shot all three of them and continued on my way.

Arriving at my hotel I emptied the briefcase onto the bed-cover.
One hundred thousand pounds from my latest contract.

I still had time to catch my plane.