Making my way to a bright new future!

Hello, dear forum members!
I’m a Russian girl who has a strong wish to get to a foreign unversity and to live in a European country. I still have no certain idea which one exactly, may it will be Norway, maybe Holland, I don’t know. I want to see the world, meet people from differrent cultures, participate in interesting projects. And the first step to that apex is passing the TOEFL exam. I plan to do this in October this year. So I have about 3 monthes to reach at least Upper Intermediate level of English.
I’ve been learning English at school and University, I even have a Translator diploma still actually it doesn’t mean anything. My level was a Beginner, since I could only read with dictionary, somehow translate from English to Russian and couldn’t speak and write at all. One year ago I started my lazy preparations. I listen to radio programs, podcast I’m interesting in, watching movies without any subtitles, read a lot in the Internet, and therefore my listening and reading skills are pretty high now. But I still have major problems with speaking and writing grammatically correct and with usage of good wealthy vocabulary.
So I decided that I need to change my focus and go to a place where I can find people like me to talk with. And here I am! (=

Some information about me and my life:
I have a bachelor degree in Information Technology, but for now I have an office job in a small company, doing some accounting and helpdesk work. I want so much more!
In free time (which I haven’t much) I’m struggling to choose between all my desirable activities, like making websites, shooting and processing photos, spending time with different sport entertainments (hiking, biking, running at summers and snowboarding during long winters), learning video making, improving my English language, drawing and painting, learning guitar, singing in chorus, gardening and so, so, so on.

Here’s my picture! (=

Let’s know each other! Where are you from, what are your goals here, what are doing to reach them?
If you don’t afraid of talking with a rather shy person (that’s me!) who usualy forgets her words, you can find me on skype with the same name as here