Making Friends In online and clarify the english doubt!

hi this is karthick here… I am not fluency in english… please help me to make the fluency… and i love friends.

wow, looks like you have a lot to learn! let’s just say, this forum is a good avenue for you to start. :slight_smile:

yup, me second, keep posting here and u would polish ur eng a lot then

i have some aboutuse of present perfect and past perfect tense eg i have passed high school. i had passed high scghool

hi im ara from philippines. i want to make new friends here. hope there’ll be a lot of excitement here. and ofcourse im not good in english too so please bare with it… response with me if u cant get my comment… thankx a lot.

hi…i am diksha .iam pursuing M.Sc. in applied microbio and biotech… i want to be fluent in english

and want to make decent friends

Hi I am Hamid Danish I want to make frineds all of the worlds please help me to achive this goal

Yeahhh me tooooo,
Let’s get in touch with each other
I’m Bob from Thailand
Are there anyone would like to talk to me?
I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback, pls

Hi. I am Saeed from Iran. Making friends here means more progress and joy. I am going to take TOEFL exam. I guess we can make things work for us if we become English partner.
I am waiting:)

hi i am Sam On . i am a men 23 years old .I live in Cambodia. i want to have freind in the world .if who want to be my friend please contact my email: [/img]

My best recommendation is to start speaking English to people. Immerse yourself in an environment where that is your only option and you will learn to speak it well soon enough.