I want to know the meaning of the word “magnet”. I try to check it in dictionary but I still can’t find it. Thx for help.

There is magnet in ur heart that will attract true friends.

This is not a literal meaning of the word ‘magnet’, the usage of which you will find in points (1) and (3) here:
oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … ary/magnet

It is closer to the usage given in (2). In your example it likens a part of your heart to a magnet. Just like a magnet can sort out things made of iron and pull them towards it, your ‘heart’ (your feelings) will sort out people who can be true friends and pull them towards you.


You’re welcome, but the word ‘Thx’ doesn’t exist in correct English.
Please read this, including the part about SMS style: … ing_skills

Yes so what word that we can use instead of the word thanks?

And what about the word lmoa?

For example, you can use “thank you”, “thanks a bunch”, “thanks a million” etc.