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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Telephone has greater influence on people’s lives than television has.

When it comes to two important inventions–television and telephone, an issue that has been discussed for decades is that whether the telephone has had a greater influence on people’s lives than the television. Some people aruge that television has had a greater impact,indicating that televison is the one that provides people about the widest information, while others contradict the viewpoint.For me, however, it is hard to discern which one is more important since they both have had influence on people’s lives. that both have had an equal influence.

In ancient times when there was no television, so people had to obtain information from the folk tales and thier neighboors,which means the limited information they could get. The information explosion was ignited by the invention of the televisions. By watching television, people can gain a large amount of information without going outside, learning of events that are happening in other parts of the world. It is fair to state that the television has promoted the development of the globalization. In contrast, the telephone cannot provide such benefit to people, since the televsion are still be the mains route of getting information. On this level, I believe that television has had a much greater impact on people’s lives.

Nonetheless, the telephone has its own merits, and has had a profound influence on the entire world.As an example, the king in ancient China had to send a person with a letter from Beijing to a place several thousand kilometers if he wanted to tell an important case to a minister, which was absolutely an arduous and time-consuming work.Currently, however, making a telephone call allows people to be in contact with their families or friends even in remote places. People use the tiny machine at anywhere and anytime since it is been designed to be portable. For the majority of people, they are already get accustomed to the life with a telephone. It would be hard for them to bare even a minute with the life without telephone. Therefore, the influence of telephone has not been minimal.

Considering all the reasons above,it is simplistic to state that the telephone has had a greater influence on people’s lives than the television because both have some outstanding functions that the other does not. Consequently, I subscribe to the opinion that the two objects have both had a significant bearing on people’s lives.

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