love travelling forever

hi there
my aim to this forum is to make more friends!i love travelling,i want to vist 7 contnents! 4 ocens! i love to visit all the countries in the world! if you love travelling pls contact me!!! :smiley:

Hi, neverland

Nice to meet you here, I guess you have a big dream…mmm…
that sounds wonderful, and I hope you will get on your aim.

Best wishes for you

Hi Neverland,

Travelling is great fun, but it’s necessary to save up enough money for it. :lol:

Hi neverland !!

I think so. I agree with you.

I love Travelling.

Last summer, I has travelled SanFransisco in the US. and I also has travelled European Countries.
and Last winter, I has travelled Japan. but actually, I can’t travel long term becuase of money-less.
Anyway, I has a great experience through Trevelling!!