Love is all around U & me

Hi Everyone,
I have fallen in love many times. I don’t know which time I felt the most deeply, but recently I have decided not to fall in love again. It’s foolishness because I always dream too much, and it’s too difficult to find the right person ……. Frankly, I have deliberately turned away from woman who showed symptoms of love toward me, and have not looked for ‘Loving’ Relationship later. Too much trouble is involved, gifts to buy, dates to remember, careful attention to clothing, too demanding. So, I don’t need anybody to live……… BUT, I want someone because I believe love is the way to go, although I haven’t found it yet.

For me, being in love is not exactly the fairy tale, sugarcoated happily-ever-after story of the movies, novels, and great moments in history. At times it has been painful, and lot of times, I have felt unsure of what was going on and my role in it.
Thank you all. I Look forward to your honest responses.
-Noren Lee

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S - Scientific
I - International
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