LOVE! How can you share and manage it in your relationship?


what is mean by the term LOVE?
how best can you share and manage it in your relationship? :?:

Does it have disastrous consequences? :slight_smile:

What a huge question, Mnd. What do you personally think? I myself wouldn’t know how to even start explaining what LOVE means. Or I would start and never be able to stop…

When I was a teenager, I used to cut out all the “Love is…” comics from the paper, paste them in a booklet (I still keep!) and colour them. I still find them cute. Some of them say:

Love is…

… milking the cow while he goes fishing
… being the only one he’s ever kissed on a covered bridge
… doing simple things together
… not being angry at the same time
… dancing in the dark
… saying ‘our son’, even when he’s screaming

Hi, mnd!
Topic of love can lead us too far. Yes, it’s worth discussing but it can take looooong discussions because it cannot be depicted by few words :lol: Conchita’s elucidation seems very good.

Hi Mnd,

As a matter of fact, love can’t be explained, but it can only be felt. :lol: