Love bites deep.

How could someone so beautiful love me with such intensity?
I had given up the freedom of my youth those many years ago, and never dreamed that love would ever find me again, but it had.
It had sought me out from the millions who seek it without success.
Just how lucky could one guy be?

Her vividly clear eyes gazed into mine with such adoration and love that I had to fight back my own tears.

I, who thought he had seen it all, heard it all, experienced it all.

But, I had never ever felt this way in my entire life. This really was love.
Love of the purest kind.
Love that asked nothing in return, only that it be cherished, as it so deserved to be.

I brushed the back of my hand against the smooth flawless skin, and ran my fingers through the silken tresses that cascaded across her shoulders.
Kissing her gently I raised the collar of her coat to protect her from the chill wind that threatened to cool her delicate frame.
How I longed to protect her from the evils of the world, but I face the reality that she must do this alone, and so I smile through my tears and kiss her once more.

“Goodbye darling,I"ll be waiting here for you”.
Blowing me a kiss, she turned on her heel and hurried to join the other children who were filing slowly into kindergarten.


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