-.-Lots of nations


Man: Nationality? What’s that?

Woman: This is the world.

Man: The world! Very nice.

Woman: The world is made up of nations: China, India, Italy, Germany, Spain, Brazil.

Man: Lots of nations.

Woman: If you were born in China, you’re Chinese; if you were born in India, you’re Indian; and if you were born in Italy, you are Italian, and so on.


Lots of nations.

Which is correct:

1- It is an exclamatory sentence.

It mean “What a lot of nations!”

2- It is a declarative sentence.

It mean “There is a lot of nations.”?

Thank you


It could be either one. An exclamation is just a statement or question said with surprise, awe, excitement, etc. When spoken, the tone of voice and maybe cadence would change. When written we simply use an exclamation mark which doesn’t convey as much detail as the spoken words can have.


Thank you so much, NearlyNapping :rose:

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