Looking younger

Many people try to look younger than thay really are. What are the reasons for that? Is it a posotive or negative development?

Nowadays our lives have changed in many aspects .Our lifestyles have also changed. We watch lots of television programs which inspire us to have healthy life styles and I think Watching these programs has lots of effects on the way that people think and is one of the reasons that people try to pretend themselves youmger than they are.

To begin, scientists’ researches clarify new aspects of our body everyday and results of these reasearches show that we should eat more vegetables and fruits and do more excersices if we want to have a healthy life. Braodcasting the result of these researches have had remarkable effects in our lives. We prefer to live more years. Therefore we listen to these advises carefully and then we try to act in a way that they say. So, this part of story has a posotive effects in our lives. For example Lots of people climb mountain each holiday in our city because they want to have a healthy lives and they look younger than they are.

Although, eating healthy foods, excercising regularly and leaving smoking are posotive developments, some people try to look younger in a negative way. Nowadays most women use cosmetics like lipsticks to show themselves younger than thay are. I think that chemical ingrediants of these cosmetics have lots of negative effects on their skins and may cause chronic ilnesses. For example, we know that rate of skin cancer is rising these days in most countries and researches os scientists show that one reason for that is using cosmetics abnormally.

To sum up, I think the way that people choose to look younger is very important. Some ways are negative and some of them are posotive. I prefer to experiment healthy ways for looking a younger man or at least some ways that do not have negative effects on my body like wering new and precious garments.

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Hi Mahdi, I think you essay was pretty good. It was generally clear and addressed teh prompt well. It seemed a little short and undeveloped to me though.
Also watch out for your misspellings. A couple are ok, but if you have this many it may reduce your score. Also watch out for some of the non-countable singular nouns you used incorrectly.