looking for friends

Hi, everyone here. I am lucky to find this fantastic place for English lover. I am from China, but I have taken English as a tool for communication seriously. I were bound to learn English well. Till now, I have spent many years studying it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have appropriate circumstance to use English. You know what I mean. I didn’t have chance to talk with a native English speaker. Thanks to the powerful Internet. Now I can make friends with you from all over the world. It is a definitely happy thing. If you want to learn English together with me, please contact me, My Email is lrming519@yahoo.cn. It will be my honor to hearing from you. Besides, if you want to learn Chinese, I can help you. I don’t have adequate confidence in my English, but I have in my Chinese. lol, just kidding, nerve mind.
henryli lrming519@yahoo.cn

Talking & Listening
Try using an ipod with English Audio and keep listening to it and repeating it until you really hate it. - Then keep listening to it some more - then give yourself a break - Then start again after about a month - When you are really “fed up” learning it - “You will have already learned it”

no pain no gain :slight_smile: