Looking for ESL Podcasting Partner(s)

I am writing from Los Angeles where I do freelance work as an editor for school math materials (textbooks, workbooks, ets.). Prior to this I worked in educational publishing for many years as an editor, software editor and producer, and multimedia producer. I have various levels of skills in several languages. I am writing here in the hopes of finding one or more partners to produce an ESL podcast and possibly an ESL course. Currently I have a very rudimentary podcast at www.esl-aloud.com . As far as it goes, it is OK. What is special about it is that it provides an opportunity for intermediate ESL learners to actually open their mouths and talk. Each lesson gets downloaded about 6,000 times, so I guess that is my user base.

I have also incorporated a very interesting incarnation of commercial audio flashcards, to be used as an extension of the podcast experience. The audio flashcards are free to the user. My use of the cards is a rough fit for their intended purpose. But that’s all I can afford.

What I would really like to do is be part of a team whose skills complement mine in terms of writing, recording, website design and management, and business sense. Venture capital is also welcome!

Alternatively, if you already have a podcast or online ESL presence and would like me to write and produce my type of lessons to complement yours (using the same content), I would be willing to consider that.

If you are interested in either type of undertaking, I would love to hear from you.


Dear Sherm,

Welcome to english-test.net many thanks for your interesting proposal. I’ve listened to some of your podcasts and I think they are great. From what I can see you roughly produce one new audio lesson each month. Is that correct? If so, there are a number of things we might want to do. For example, we could incorporate information about your podcasts into our e-mail English course. This means, we frequently could introduce your audio materials to our e-mail course subscribers. In addition, we could collaborate on a joint audio English program that allows students to record and submit their own audio messages in order to get them analyzed and assessed by native speakers.

Of course there are a number of additional options which we can discuss one at a time if you like.

Please let me know what you think.
Best regards,

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