Looking for a wife!

Now, I want to have a wife, anybody tell me where do I find?

Did you check under the couch?

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Thank you for your messages, my English is not good, so i can’t respond you with voice messages. I like a traditional girl, honest…

Hello, Cdt!

Apparently, we have the same problems :-)

 Where are you from?

Hi Foreigner,
How are you? I’m from VietNam. Please to meet you.
Best wishes

Juts hit me:
Cooking for a wife

Hehe this begs the question: What in tarnation do you have a wife for then ))))

Um, commit suicide first. Coz it’s ’ same same’ they say. Eh?

The adjective is Suicidal. To keep a wife in 2013 is utterly suicidal. We men know. Huh?

Have fun!